Pepatah berkata, tak kenal maka tak sayang, tak sayang maka tak cinta, tak cinta maka… ahh sudahlah…

Let’s take a closer look about us, the StudFive!

Syaiful Achmad Raharjo a.k.a Ipul  |  NIM. L2D 009 114

Born on Jepara, February 18th, 1991


Fahrul Hidayat a.k.a Fahrul  | NIM. L2D 009 068

Born on Pati, March 17th, 1992

Email:  |  Follow on twitter: @fahrulhdyt

Anindita Indrareni a.k.a Dita  |  NIM. L2D 009 134

Born on Semarang, May 2nd, 1991

Email:  |  Follow on twitter: @anindrareni

Aldia Kemala Fatikha a.k.a Dia  |  NIM. L2D 009 044

Born on , June 5th, 1991

Email:  |  Follow on twitter: @dia_unyil

Dhayita Rukti Tanaya a.k.a Ayya  |  NI. L2D 009 036

Born on Semarang, June 6th, 1991

Email:  |  Follow on twitter: @ayyasarisha

Sonia Vianitya Kusuma a.k.a Sonia  |  NIM. L2D 009 042

Born on Solo, June 21st, 1991


Arsiadi Wisnu Hapsoro a.k.a Wisnu  |  NIM. L2D 008 090

Born on Temanggung, September 18th, 1989

Email:  |  Follow on twitter: @wisnoe_noenu

Alif Firdaus Rison a.k.a Rison  |  NIM. L2D 009 006

Born on Grobogan, September 19th, 1991



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